María Fernanda Torres

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We study the fluctuations of the interface, in the steady state, of the Surface Relaxation Model (SRM) in two scale-free interacting networks where a fraction q of nodes in both networks interact one to one through external connections. We find that as q increases the fluctuations on both networks decrease and thus the synchronization reaches an improvement(More)
The association between the myrmecophyte Triplaris and ants of the genus Pseudomyrmex is an often-reported example of mutualism in the Neotropics. The ants colonize the hollow stems of their hosts, and in exchange, the plants benefit from a reduced degree of herbivory. The previous studies have shown that workers can discriminate their host from other(More)
Isolated complex networks have been studied deeply in the last decades due to the fact that many real systems can be modeled using these types of structures. However, it is well known that the behavior of a system not only depends on itself, but usually also depends on the dynamics of other structures. For this reason, interacting complex networks and the(More)
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