María Fernanda Negri

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As the first study to investigate reproductive aspects of male franciscana dolphin -Pontoporia blainvillei - in Argentine waters, the aim of this paper was to assess sexual maturity by using histological and morphometric methods. P. blainvillei was labeled as "Vulnerable" by the IUCN in 2008. The specimens analyzed were either incidentally caught in(More)
Due to anthropogenic factors, the franciscana dolphin, Pontoporia blainvillei, is the most threatened small cetacean on the Atlantic coast of South America. Four Franciscana Management Areas have been proposed: Espiritu Santo to Rio de Janeiro (FMA I), São Paulo to Santa Catarina (FMA II), Rio Grande do Sul to Uruguay (FMA III), and Argentina (FMA IV).(More)
Pectoral flippers of cetaceans function to provide stability and maneuverability during locomotion. Directional asymmetry (DA) is a common feature among odontocete cetaceans, as well as sexual dimorphism (SD). For the first time DA, allometry, physical maturity, and SD of the flipper skeleton--by X-ray technique--of Pontoporia blainvillei were analyzed. The(More)
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