María Fe Muñoz Moreno

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Correspondence to Dr Mario Cárdaba Arranz; ABSTRACT Objective: To estimate the attributable and targeted avoidable deaths (ADs; TADs) of outdoor air pollution by ambient particulate matter (PM10), PM2.5 and O3 according to specific WHO methodology. Design: Health impact assessment. Setting: City of Valladolid, Spain (around 300 000(More)
Quinolinyl chalcones were synthesized and evaluated for their inhibition of the Plasmodium falciparum cystein protease falcipain and their activity against cultured P. falciparum parasites. They were also tested for in vivo efficacy in a rodent P. berghei model. Their activity against falcipain and as antimalarials was moderate, but antimalarial activity(More)
BACKGROUND Central obesity has a higher risk of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and cardiovascular diseases. It is estimated by measuring waist circumference (WC) and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), which are operator-dependent. The present study aimed to validate a body composition monitor (BCM) as a tool for estimating visceral adipose tissue (VAT), as well as to(More)
sst5TMD4, a splice variant of the sst5 gene, is overexpressed and associated with aggressiveness in various endocrine-related tumors, but its presence, functional role, and mechanisms of actions in prostate cancer (PCa)-the most common cancer type in males-is completely unexplored. In this study, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded prostate pieces from(More)
Predictive value for continuously reinforced cues is affected by context changes when they are trained within a context in which a different cue undergoes partial reinforcement. An experiment was conducted with the goal of exploring the mechanisms underlying this context-switch effect. Human participants were trained in a predictive learning situation in(More)
Ghrelin-O-acyltransferase (GOAT) is the key enzyme regulating ghrelin activity, and has been proposed as a potential therapeutic target for obesity/diabetes and as a biomarker in some endocrine-related cancers. However, GOAT presence and putative role in prostate-cancer (PCa) is largely unknown. Here, we demonstrate, for the first time, that GOAT is(More)
The Ghrelin-system is a complex, pleiotropic family composed of several peptides, including native-ghrelin and its In1-ghrelin splicing variant, and receptors (GHSR 1a/b), which are dysregulated in various endocrine-related tumors, where they associate to pathophysiological features, but the presence, functional role, and mechanisms of actions of(More)
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