María Fé Andrés

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The response of four Mi-resistance gene tomato rootstocks to seven populations of Meloidogyne was determined in pot tests conducted in a glasshouse. Rootstocks PG76 (Solanum lycopersicum × Solanum(More)
The response of resistant wheat-Aegilops ventricosa introgression line H-93-8 and its susceptible parent, Triticum aestivum H-10-15, to Ha71 Spanish population of Heterodera avenae was studied to(More)
The nematicidal activity of hydrolate by-products from the semi industrial vapor-pressure essential oil extraction of selected aromatic plant species (commercial: Lavandula × intermedia Emeric ex(More)
This work presents the biocidal (insecticidal, ixodicidal, nematicidal, and phytotoxic) effects and chemical compositions of three essential oils obtained from the industrial steam distillation(More)
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