María Eugenia Cabral

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BACKGROUND Frequent opportunist fungal infections and the resistance to available antifungal drugs promoted the development of new alternatives for treatment, like antifungal drug combinations. AIMS This work aimed to detect the antifungal synergism between statins and azoles by means of an agar-well diffusion bioassay with Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATCC(More)
Citrate metabolism by Enterococcus faecium ET C9 and Enterococcus durans Ov 421 was studied as sole energy source and in presence of glucose or lactose. Both strains utilized citrate as the sole energy source. Enterococcus faecium ET C9 showed diauxic growth in the presence of a limiting concentration of glucose. Neither strain used citrate until glucose(More)
Opiate agonists exhibiting selectivity for mu, kappa, sigma, and delta opiate receptors were microinjected into the periaqueductal gray region (PAG) of the brain of rats to determine the receptor subtype(s) associated with the initiation of descending pain inhibition. The spinally organized, heat nociceptive tail-flick reflex was used to detect analgesia.(More)
A case of universal cutaneous calcinosis developed without apparent cause is reported. It had an evolution towards epidermic perforation and was treated with aluminium hydroxide. A discussion was made on the rarity of the idiopathic calcinosis as well as on the interesting phenomenon of transepidermal elimination.
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