María Esteban

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The effects on histology and microbial ecology in gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) intestine caused by dietary probiotic and microalgae were studied. Fish were fed non-supplemented (C, control) or supplemented diets with Tetraselmis chuii, Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Bacillus subtilis single or combined (diets T, P, B, BT and BP) for 4 weeks. Curiously,(More)
Many species of fish rely on their visual systems to interact with conspecifics and these interactions can lead to collective behavior. Individual-based models have been used to predict collective interactions; however, these models generally make simplistic assumptions about the sensory systems that are applied without proper empirical testing to different(More)
The current commercial production protocols for Atlantic cod depend on enriched rotifers and Artemia during first-feeding, but development and growth remain inferior to fish fed natural zooplankton. Two experiments were conducted in order to identify the underlying factors for this phenomenon. In the first experiment (Exp-1), groups of cod larvae were fed(More)
Seagrass meadows globally are disappearing at a rapid rate with physical disturbances being one of the major drivers of this habitat loss. Disturbance of seagrass can lead to fragmentation, a reduction in shoot density, canopy height and coverage, and potentially permanent loss of habitat. Despite being such a widespread issue, knowledge of how such small(More)
In the present paper, we propose Abstract Algebraic Logic (AAL) as a general logical framework for Judgment Aggregation. Our main contribution is a generalization of Herzberg's algebraic approach to characterization results on judgment aggregation and propositional-attitude aggregation, characterizing certain Arrovian classes of aggrega-tors as Boolean(More)
Non-invasive measurements of glucocorticoid (GC) concentrations, including cortisol and corticosterone, serve as reliable indicators of adrenocortical activities and physiological stress loads in a variety of species. As an alternative to invasive analyses based on plasma, GC concentrations in saliva still represent single-point-of-time measurements,(More)
Distributive Hilbert Algebras with infimum, or DH ∧-algebras, are algebras with implication and conjunction that are not the residuum of each other. These algebras do not fall under the scope of the usual duality theory for lattices expansions, precisely because of the lack of residuation. We propose a new approach, that consists on regarding the meet as(More)
New tests of animal affect and welfare require validation in subjects experiencing putatively different states. Pharmacological manipulations of affective state are advantageous because they can be administered in a standardised fashion, and the duration of their action can be established and tailored to suit the length of a particular test. To this end,(More)
Background. Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) responsible for Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) represent a major threat for human consumers of shellfish. The biotoxin Okadaic Acid (OA), a well-known phosphatase inhibitor and tumor promoter, is the primary cause of acute DSP intoxications. Although several studies have described the molecular effects of high(More)
Palaeopathology offers unique insight to the healing strategies of extinct organisms, permitting questions concerning bone physiology to be answered in greater depth. Unfortunately, most palaeopathological studies are confined to external morphological interpretations due to the destructive nature of traditional methods of study. This limits the degree of(More)