María Dolores Valdés

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Micromonospora species live in diverse environments and exhibit a broad range of functions, including antibiotic production, biocontrol, and degradation of complex polysaccharides. To learn more about these versatile actinomycetes, we sequenced the genome of strain L5, originally isolated from root nodules of an actinorhizal plant growing in Mexico.
Based on partial 16S sequences, we previously described a novel group of nonsymbiotic, acetylene reduction activity-positive actinomycetes which were isolated from surface-sterilized roots of Casuarina equisetifolia growing in Mexico. An amplified rRNA restriction analysis confirmed that these actinomycetes are distinct from Frankia, a finding substantiated(More)
The objective of this paper is to propose a performance failure prediction methodology for FPGA-based designs, based on the use of a novel built-in programmable delay sensor. Digital Clock Managers (DCM) is used to fine tune the unsafe observation interval. The design procedure is described, including the constrained placement of some delay sensors. The(More)
FPGAs (" Field Programmable Gate Arrays ") constitute the base of many complex electronic systems with different applications ranging from the automotive sector to the multimedia market. Due to integrated circuits fabrication progress, current FPGAs includes very complex embedded digital blocks as serial transceivers or memory blocks. Therefore FPGA(More)
– This article proposes an alternative solution to support the Electronic Technology education. A methodology oriented to the development of hypermedia applications for the analysis of complex technologies is commented and new resources to improve such methodology is presented. The objective is to obtain a sturdy educational system favoring the acquisition(More)