María Dolores Planes

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Glucose, in the absence of additional nutrients, induces programmed cell death in yeast. This phenomenon is independent of yeast metacaspase (Mca1/Yca1) and of calcineurin, requires ROS production and it is concomitant with loss of cellular K(+) and vacuolar collapse. K(+) is a key nutrient protecting the cells and this effect depends on the Trk1 uptake(More)
The stress hormone abscisic acid (ABA) induces expression of defence genes in many organs, modulates ion homeostasis and metabolism in guard cells, and inhibits germination and seedling growth. Concerning the latter effect, several mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana with improved capability for H(+) efflux (wat1-1D, overexpression of AKT1 and ost2-1D) are less(More)
We have identified in yeast a connection between two master regulators of cell growth: a biochemical connection involving the TORC1 protein kinase (which activates protein synthesis, nutrient uptake, and anabolism) and a biophysical connection involving the plasma membrane proton-pumping H+ -ATPase Pma1 (which drives nutrient and K+ uptake and regulates pH(More)
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