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Let Λ be a commutative ring, A an augmented differential graded algebra over Λ (briefly, DGA-algebra) and X be a relatively free resolution of Λ over A. The standard bar resolution of Λ over A, denoted by B(A), provides an example of a resolution of this kind. The comparison theorem gives inductive formulae f : B(A) → X and g: X → B(A) termed comparison(More)
A genetic algorithm based robust blind digital watermarking scheme is presented. Starting from a binary image (the original watermark), a genetic algorithm is performed searching for a permutation of this image which is as uncorrelated as possible to the original watermark. The output of the GA is used as our final watermark, so that both security and(More)
Provided that a cohomological model for $$G$$ G is known, we describe a method for constructing a basis for $$n$$ n -cocycles over $$G$$ G , from which the whole set of $$n$$ n -dimensional $$n$$ n -cocyclic matrices over $$G$$ G may be straightforwardly calculated. Focusing in the case $$n=2$$ n = 2 (which is of special interest, e.g. for looking for(More)
Previously, self-dual codes have been constructed from weighing matrices, and in particular from conference matrices (skew and symmetric). In this paper, codes constructed from matrices of skew symmetric type whose determinants reach the Ehlich-Wojtas' bound are presented. A necessary and sufficient condition for these codes to be self-dual is given, and(More)
A method for embedding cocyclic submatrices with " large " determinants of orders 2t in certain cocyclic Hadamard matrices of orders 4t is described (t an odd integer). If these determinants attain the largest possible value, we are embedding D-optimal designs. Applications to the pivot values that appear when Gaussian elimination with complete pivoting is(More)