María Dolores Fernández-Ramos

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A sensor configuration for oxygen determination based on luminescence quenching is presented in which the measured parameter is closely related to the luminescence lifetime. The sensing film is based on the dye platinum octaethylporphyrin complex immobilised in a polystyrene membrane and stabilised with the heterocyclic amine DABCO. In this report, we study(More)
This report addresses the task of calibrating an optical sensor for oxygen determination. Detailed analyses of the functional dependences from our measurement system results have been carried out with the additional aim of temperature compensation. As a result, an empirical calibration function has been successfully derived for the luminescent(More)
A field-portable photometer for potassium determination with disposable sensors has been developed. It can be applied to routine water and beverage analysis. The disposable sensor is based on ionophore-chromoionophore chemistry. A colour change in the sensing film is detected by measuring the transmitted intensity with a solid state photodetector. Optical(More)
The characterization of a new irreversible optical absorption-based one-shot sensor for magnesium is described. The magnesium photoactive probe is 7-diethylamino-3-(3,4-ethylendioxybenzoyl)coumarin immobilized in a plasticized polymeric membrane. The magnesium selectivity can be explained in terms of size and charge density of magnesium and charge-separated(More)
An approach based on IUPAC methodology to estimate the limit of detection of bulk optode-based analytical methods for anions has been developed. The traditional IUPAC methodology for calculating the detection limit was modified to be adapted to particular cases where the calibration curves have a sigmoidal profile. Starting from the different full(More)
A new method, based on the use of a disposable sensor, for the determination of Fe(II) in waters and wines is proposed. The sensor is formed by an inert rectangular strip of polyester (Mylar) and a circular film (6 mm in diameter) adhered on its surface. This film, which contains the required reagents for the fixation of the analyte by means of a(More)
The application of a decimal logistic transformation to the sigmoidal calibration curve of ion-selective bulk optodes for the determination of anions based on hydrophobic membranes containing neutral ionophore and chromoionophore is formally established and, consequently, a wide linear calibration function is obtained. The problems derived from the use of a(More)
This report describes the electronics of a portable, low-cost, light-emitting diode (LED)-based photometer dedicated to one-shot optochemical sensors. Optical detection is made through a monolithic photodiode with an on-chip single-supply transimpedance amplifier that reduces some drawbacks such as leakage currents, interferences, and parasitic(More)