María Dolores Estévez-González

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OBJECTIVE To study the effects of serum lipid levels by isocaloric substitution of whole milk intake in a group of children with a milk preparation (fat-free milk enriched with oleic acid containing a small amount of cholesterol) that is frequently consumed in our community. DESIGN A crossover clinical trial was carried out with random selection. There(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to examine the changes in serum lipids in children with mild hypercholesterolemia after the use of skim milk or olive-oil-enriched skim milk in their diet and the modulation of lipid levels by the Taq 1B polymorphism in the cholesteryl-ester transfer protein gene. METHODS Thirty-six prepubertal children with mild(More)
BACKGROUND The question of whether breastfeeding protects the child from obesity is a still debated issue; however, the relationship between early adiposity rebound and higher risk of obesity is well known. This study was aimed at evaluating whether breastfeeding (without formula supplement) during the first 6 months of life delays the time of adiposity(More)
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