María Del Mar Fernández Fernández

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OBJECTIVES Although there is general agreement on the characteristic features of the acute respiratory distress syndrome, we lack a scoring system that predicts acute respiratory distress syndrome outcome with high probability. Our objective was to develop an outcome score that clinicians could easily calculate at the bedside to predict the risk of death of(More)
Extramedullary plasmacytoma is a plasma cell malignancy that most commonly occurs in the upper respiratory tract. Plasmocytoma located in the lung is an unusual finding, and in such cases the disease may be confined to the lung and regional lymph nodes or may be disseminated. When only located in the lower respiratory tract (primary pulmonary plasmacytoma),(More)
Capacitive energy extraction based on double layer expansion (CDLE) is the name of a new method devised for extracting energy from the exchange of fresh and salty water in porous electrodes. It is based on the change of the capacitance of electrical double layers (EDLs) at the electrode/solution interface when the concentration of the bulk electrolyte(More)
Abstract Objective. Thermodilution (TD) is the gold standard to monitor cardiac output (CO) in critical care. However, there is concern about the safety of right-ventricular catheterization. The CO2 rebreathing technique allows noninvasive CO determination by means of the indirect Fick principle. Our objectives were: (a) to assess the accuracy of a new(More)
Abstract NIPA and HEMA-lactate-Dextran-based biodegradable and thermoresponsive cryogels were synthesized at different compositions by cryogelation. Chemical and morphological properties of the HEMA-lactate-Dextran-co-NIPA cryogel matrices were demonstrated by FTIR, SEM, and ESEM. Thermoresponsivity of the prepared cryogels was investigated by DSC, imaging(More)
BACKGROUND Pain prevalence is high among elderly people, and equally prevalent in those with dementia. The aim of this study was to describe the use analgesics, as well as the cost of these treatments in old people with dementia. METHODS We used a cross-sectional design using 1186 cases registered by the Registry of Dementias of Girona from 2007 to 2008.(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse how rescuers tolerate the effort derived of giving uninterrupted chest compressions during 2min. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-three healthy volunteers, nurses and doctors of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), members of the hospital cardiac arrest team, were enrolled in the study. Using a training manikin, participants were asked to(More)
Carcinoid tumours of bronchial origin are rare in type 1 multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN1) syndrome. The prevalence of histologically confirmed cases is approximately 5-8%, although in more recent studies it is estimated that it could be much higher and a possible relationship with the presence of hypergastrinaemia is suggested. We report a patient with a(More)
In recent years, the capacitance of the interface between charged electrodes and ionic solutions (the electric double layer) has been investigated as a source of clean energy. Charge is placed on the electrodes either by means of ion-exchange membranes or of an external power source. In the latter method, net energy is produced by simple solution exchange(More)
It has been recently shown that the free energy change upon salinity mixing in river mouths can be harvested taking advantage of the fact that the capacitance of charged solid/liquid interfaces (electrical double layers, EDLs) depends strongly on the ionic composition of the liquid medium. This has led to a new generation of techniques called Capmix(More)