María Daniela Hermida

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Actinomyces meyeri cutaneous actinomycosis is a very rare disease. It often results from contiguous dissemination of an underlying focus. We report a case of pulmonary actinomicosis with secondary cutaneous involvement which led to the diagnosis. A 51-year-old man presented with an indurated, erythematous plaque on his right chest wall. He had been(More)
Skin lesions can often be the only sign of an underlying systemic abnormality which will require further investigation. Several syndromic conditions are diagnosed after their cutaneous marker, which is in most cases a nevus. We report a neurocutaneous condition which we named "syndromic nevoid hypermelanosis" (SNH). We studied seven patients who presented(More)
Our patient is a 29-year-old woman without any previous disease who presented with different kinds of lesions on her face, neck, and chest. She first noticed the lesions 10 years ago and, since that time, they have become more numerous. She has no affected relatives. On physical examination, she had multiple cystic lesions on her neck, chest, and vulva,(More)
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