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OBJECTIVE Insulin sensitivity could determine the effectiveness of weight-loss diets with different protein:carbohydrate ratios. Our aim was to evaluate whether or not energy-restricted diets with(More)
BACKGROUND Acute radiation enteritis is a common adverse effect related to radiotherapy (RT). Glutamine is an immune modulator and antioxidant amino acid that can exert a protective role in patients(More)
The universal screening for osteoporosis by bone mineral density (BMD) is not feasible because of its unfavorable cost-benefit due to its low sensitivity. The aim of the present study was to estimate(More)
Pituitary apoplexy is a rare but potentially life-threatening clinical syndrome characterized by ischemic infarction or hemorrhage into a pituitary tumor. The diagnosis of pituitary tumor apoplexy is(More)
Aging and disease-related malnutrition are well associated with loss of muscle mass and function. Muscle mass loss may lead to increased health complications and associated increase in health care(More)
OBJECTIVE The prevalence of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in patients who receive total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is not well known. These disorders can affect the treatment, metabolic control,(More)