María Cruz Sánchez Gómez

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The influence of age and concomitant antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) on the trough steady-state serum concentration of topiramate, normalized to 1 mg/kg body weight or concentration-to-dose ratio (TPM-CDR), was assessed using multivariate methods in samples from 94 epileptic patients (38 under 11 years and 56 over 11 years of age), most of whom were outpatients(More)
Cystatin C is an amyloidogenic protein that colocalizes with beta-amyloid (Abeta) within arteriolar walls in Alzheimer disease (AD) brains. Recently, a coding polymorphism in the cystatin C gene (CST3) has been claimed to confer risk for the development of late-onset AD. In the present work we have tested the frequencies of CST3-A and CST3-G alleles and(More)
BACKGROUND Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) seeks to meet the multifaceted demand of degenerated tendons providing several molecules capable of boosting healing. AREAS TIMELY FOR DEVELOPING RESEARCH PRP is used for managing tendinopathy, but its efficacy is controversial. SOURCES OF DATA Electronic databases were searched for clinical studies assessing PRP(More)
BACKGROUND The 'predictD algorithm' provides an estimate of the level and profile of risk of the onset of major depression in primary care attendees. This gives us the opportunity to develop interventions to prevent depression in a personalized way. We aim to evaluate the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of a new intervention, personalized(More)
The increase of blended learning education has been identified as an important goal in improving teaching-learning technological models. However, when considering this development it becomes essential to take into account the potential characteristics that students must have to be successful in this kind of education. This study is based on this human(More)
This paper examines students' essential characteristics to study English via a blended learning model implemented in an English course at the Pontifical University of Salamanca. According to the data students must have reasonable computer skills and master certain technological tools that allow them to participate online as well as the ability to work both(More)