María Cristina Pistoresi-Palencia

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6-O-Ascorbic acid alkanoates (ASCn) are amphiphilic molecules having physical-chemical properties that depend on the alkyl chain length. The derivatives of low molecular weight (n < 11) have enough aqueous solubility to produce self-assemblies at room temperature ( approximately 25 degrees C), while those with longer alkyl chains possess a critical micellar(More)
Neutrophils play a crucial early role during the innate response, but little is known about their possible contribution when an adaptive immune response is installed. A robust neutrophilia and a T helper 1 (Th1) immune response are present after immunization with Complete Freund Adjuvant (CFA). We show that when FITC-labeled OVA was injected into the(More)
We have previously demonstrated that subcutaneously administered ovalbumin (OVA) plus synthetic oligodeoxynucleotides containing immunostimulatory CpG motifs (CpG-ODN) as adjuvant stimulate cellular and humoral immunity and promote T helper cell type 1 differentiation in aged mice. The present study assessed the ability of CpG-ODN to induce an OVA-specific(More)
During aging, there is an increased rise in susceptibility to infectious diseases. However, it is still unresolved whether standard vaccine adjuvants are efficient in the elderly. We report that immunization with OVA plus synthetic oligodeoxinucleotides containing immunostimulatory CpG motifs (CpG-ODN) stimulates specific Th1 response in aged mice. The(More)
The aging process is accompanied by altered immune system functioning and an increased risk of infection. Dendritic cells (DCs) are antigen-presenting cells that play a key role in both adaptive and innate immunity, but how aging affects DCs and their influence on immunity has not been thoroughly established. Here we examined the function of conventional(More)
BACKGROUND To date, eight assemblages of Giardia lamblia have been described, but only assemblages A and B are known to infect humans. Despite the fact that the genomic, biological, and clinical differences found between these two assemblages has raised the possibility that they may be considered different species, there is relatively limited information on(More)
Although much is described about the molecules involved in neutrophil migration from circulation into tissues, less is known about the molecular mechanisms that regulate neutrophil entry into lymph nodes (LNs) draining a local inflammatory site. In this study, we investigated neutrophil migration toward LNs in a context of inflammation induced by(More)
We examined whether CpG-DNA could be used as adjuvant to induce a T helper cell type-1 (Th1) immunity in aged BALB/c mice that showed a Th2 polarization. Bordetella pertussis and complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA) were used as well. Immunization with ovalbumin (OVA)/CpG-DNA showed that the immunoglobulin G (IgG)2a/IgG1 ratio and OVA-specific T cell response(More)
Aging is accompanied by a disturbance in the homeostasis of the immune system. However, research into the behavior of macrophages in aging has shown disagreements about the functional status of these cells in aged mice. In this work, we studied the influence of aging on macrophage functions by evaluating the pro- and anti-inflammatory parameters of(More)
A prominent feature of multiple sclerosis is its high incidence of onset in the third decade of life and its relatively rare onset in persons older than 50 years. In order to study age-related restriction of clinical expression, a comparative biochemical, immunological and histological study was undertaken during development of experimental autoimmune(More)