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Hoplias malabaricus (Bloch, 1794), a predatory freshwater fish with a wide distribution throughout South America, represents a species complex with seven well characterized karyomorphs at the(More)
This work aims to establish baseline frequencies of micronuclei (MN) and nuclear abnormalities (NA) in native fish species collected in situ from the Paraná River. For this purpose, the micronucleus(More)
The Potamotrygonidae family represents the only freshwater group of specialized elasmobranchs and is composed of 4 genera: Plesiotrygon, Paratrygon, Potamotrygon, and Heliotrygon. Individuals of(More)
We describe for the first time the karyotypes of two species of Cryptodiran turtles from Argentina, namely, Trachemys dorbigni (Emydidae) and Chelonoidis (Geochelone) donosobarrosi (Testudinidae).(More)
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