María Concepción Parra

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the value of screening for preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction by performing color Doppler assessment of uterine arteries at 23 weeks' gestation in predicting adverse pregnancy outcome. METHODS Women with singleton pregnancies who attended routine ultrasonography at 23 weeks had color Doppler uterine artery imaging. Bilateral(More)
Internet of things extends the capabilities to identify products with new technologies such as near field communication, radio-frequency identification, quick response code and with existing identification technologies such as barcode. Identification allows to retrieve extended information and knowledge of the products. Thereby, customers are able to(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare uterine artery Doppler velocity and impedance indices in the presence and absence of uterine artery waveform notches, in the prediction of adverse pregnancy outcome in high-risk women. METHODS One hundred and fifty-seven women identified at Doppler screening as being at 'high risk' underwent a further uterine artery Doppler assessment(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide individualized risk prediction of severe adverse pregnancy outcome based on uterine artery Doppler screening at 23 weeks. METHODS Color Doppler assessment of the uterine arteries was carried out in 5121 women attending for routine care at 23 weeks in two inner-city obstetric units. The mean uterine artery pulsatility index (PI) was(More)
As the world has changed over the last decades because of the information technologies evolution, so did Marketing. Now, the major solution from the information technology evolution, i.e. Internet is being integrated with Marketing in order to reach a new generation of it, Marketing 4.0. This new generation is required, since customers are not only looking(More)
OBJECTIVE Preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction are associated with poor placental perfusion, which may be accompanied by a compensatory release of vasoactive substances in the fetoplacental circuit. This study examines the effects of preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction on nitric oxide and prostacyclin signaling pathways in fetal endothelial(More)
Participative marketing presents a evolution of the marketing through the capabilities offered by the ubiquitous identification and interaction capabilities. The last trend from the Internet of Things is the so-called cyber-physical systems, where the interaction between Internet and the real world is more evident. This work presents how the emerging(More)
Over recent years, a number of independent researchers have shown that meta-heuristics are effective strategies for solving hard combinatorial optimization problems. In particular, Memetic Algorithms (MA) are population-based meta-heuristic search methods that are inspired by Darwinian principles of natural selection and Dawkins' notion of meme that have(More)
OBJECTIVE Pre-eclampsia, which is a major cause of perinatal and maternal morbidity and mortality, is thought to be due to impaired perfusion of the placenta. There is contradictory evidence that the administration of low-dose aspirin may provide effective prophylaxis against the subsequent development of pre-eclampsia. In this study we tested the(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the umbilical artery and vein blood volume flow using B-mode and Doppler ultrasound in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. DESIGN This was a cross-sectional study of 129 singleton, healthy pregnancies at 23-33 weeks' gestation. The umbilical artery and vein cross-sectional area, time-averaged velocity and pulsatility index(More)