María Cecilia Gonzalez

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OBJECTIVE An augmented renal clearance has been described in some groups of critically ill patients, and it might induce sub-optimal concentrations of drugs eliminated by glomerular filtration, mainly antibiotics. Studies on its occurrence and determinants are lacking. Our goals were to determine the incidence and associated factors of augmented renal(More)
C reactive protein lactate and LDH isoenzymes were quantified in CSF of 32 children with meningitis (27 bacterial and 5 viral). Results in cases with bacterial meningitis were as follows. C reactive protein sensitivity was 11.1% and specificity was 100%. Lactate sensitivity was 33.3% and its specificity was 80%. LDH1 and LDH5 had a sensitivity of 44.4%, and(More)
79 cases of Wilms' tumor with age at diagnosis between 0 and eight years, are reported. 76 of them are evaluable for therapeutic results. 54 (71%) are alive and disease-free, with a mean survival of 53 months. Group A (35 patients) received pre-surgical treatment with radiotherapy and the survival rate is 77%. Group B (32 patients) were not treated before(More)
Eight cases of Ewing's tumor are reported. Four cases (50%) were localized forms at diagnosis and the remaining presented metastasis. The localized forms were treated with a combination of irradiation at dose of 4,500-5,000 rads and chemotherapy with vincristine and cyclophosphamide during two years. Three of these patients (75%) are alive and free of(More)
We performed 91 transthoracic functions, under fluoroscopy, sonographically or by computed tomography control, at Clinic Hospital in Valencia. The procedures was performed with Chiba needle 22 gauges while the cytopathologist was present. Maximum number of needle passes was four. Malignant diagnosis has been obtained in 64.8% of cases, in 12 patients a(More)
Results obtained by the "cellular synchronization" method in 19 patients are reported; there were five Ewing's sarcomas, three nephroblastomas, nine neuroblastomas and two Burkitt lymphomas. Ages ranged between four months and six years. Most of them had metastatic diseases, resistent to previous therapies. The protocol consisted on vincristine as(More)
Twenty-seven cases of rhabdomyosarcoma in children between one month and 14 years of age are reported. The most frequent histologic type was the embryonal sarcoma and almost half of the cases were diagnosed in advanced clinical stages. Treatment consisted on the combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy (vincristine, cyclophosphamide and(More)
Report of two cases of Fetal Rhabdomyomatous Nephroblastoma, a cytodifferentiated variant of Wilms' tumor. The incidence of this rare variant is of 2.10% in our material (88 nephroblastomas in a sixteen years period). The patients were ten months and two years old. Bilateral tumors were discovered in both patients. Preoperative radiotherapy was given but no(More)
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