María Cecilia Ferrero

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This paper describes the rheological behavior of starch and cellulose acrylic graft copolymers synthesized with the aim of obtaining controlled-release excipients. The rheological characteristics determine the final release properties of matrix tablets. The study of the storage and loss moduli (G' and G", respectively) and the viscosity allowed us to know(More)
Hydrophilic matrices are an interesting option when developing drug delivery systems. With this aim, hydroxypropyl methacrylate was grafted onto hydroxypropyl starch and hydroxypropyl cellulose substrates by following the Ce(IV) redox initiation method. Different amounts of ethyleneglycol' dimethacrylate, 7 and 34 mol%, as the crosslinking monomer, were(More)
Vines are conspicuous elements of floras in different ecosystems. Patterns of distribution and ecology of this group has been studied at regional scales, mainly in tropical areas, but less is known about factors affecting their distribution at smaller scales. In this study, the germinating requirements of common vines from two plant communities (open(More)
Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the glass transition temperatures of new graft copolymers using Modulated Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry (MTDSC), and to assess the differences between starch and cellulosic derivatives of methyl methacrylate and between two different drying methods used in their preparation. Methods. Graft(More)
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