María Carolina Pein

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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to characterize the cardiovascular responses to dobutamine and their predictors. Our hypotheses were that dobutamine mainly produces tachycardia and vasodilation and fails to improve the microcirculation of patients with septic shock. MATERIALS AND METHODS Systemic hemodynamics and sublingual microcirculation were(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The correct renal response to metabolic acidosis should be a negative shift in the urinary strong ion difference ([SID](urinary) = [Na(+)](urinary) + [K(+)](urinary) - [Cl(-)](urinary)). Our hypothesis was that the failure to decrease the [SID](urinary) is frequently present and leads to a more severe metabolic acidosis. DESIGN,(More)
INTRODUCTION Critically ill patients might present complex acid-base disorders, even when the pH, PCO2, [HCO3-], and base excess ([BE]) levels are normal. Our hypothesis was that the acidifying effect of severe hyperlactatemia is frequently masked by alkalinizing processes that normalize the [BE]. The goal of the present study was therefore to quantify(More)
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