María Cardelle-Elawar

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In this study, the influence of gender and age in the importance allocated to several factors in the decision process was investigated from a naturalistic perspective. For this purpose, the Decision-Making Questionnaire, DMQ was administered to a sample of 589 participants (294 men and 295 women) of ages between 18-80 years old, who were grouped into three(More)
INTRODUCTION In the present study, we investigated the potential factors that influenced the level of students satisfaction with the teaching-learning process (TLP), from the perspective of students participating in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) experience. METHOD A total of 1490 students from the Universities of Almería and Granada (Spain)(More)
In the present study, we designed a model of self-regulated inquiry that connects theory to practice for teachers to deepen their understanding of the core beliefs, commitment, and the experiences shaping their professional identity. The rationale of this model was grounded in motivational and identity theories related to self-regulation, self-efficacy, and(More)
all students the opportunity for success. The complexities of being an effective teacher today are related to questions such as: what motivates teachers to choose and persevere in this profession? how do they meet the conflicting challenges of “high-stakes testing” and simultaneously be accountable to an increasingly diverse population in their classrooms?(More)
The present investigation examines how personal self-regulation (presage variable) and regulatory teaching (process variable of teaching) relate to learning approaches, strategies for coping with stress, and self-regulated learning (process variables of learning) and, finally, how they relate to performance and satisfaction with the learning process(More)
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