María C. Tellería

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In the context of recent molecular phylogenies of the basal grades of Compositae, we investigated the utility of pollen morphology within the tribe Gochnatieae. The pollen of 64 species of Anastraphia, Cnicothamnus, Cyclolepis, Gochnatia, Pentaphorus, and Richterago was studied using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. In addition, three(More)
Despite the taxonomic value of pollen morphology within the tribe Vernonieae, a detailed study of the pollen of the subtribe Elephantopinae is still lacking. The pollen morphology of ten species, representing three of the four genera of the subtribe, Elephantopus, Pseudoelephantopus and Orthopappus, was studied with LM, SEM, and TEM. The pollen of all the(More)
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