María C Pastori

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Sister-chromatid exchanges (SCE) and chromosomal aberrations were studied in a population of floriculturists occupationally exposed to organophosphorus, carbamate and organochlorine pesticides. Blood samples from 36 individuals from a community of 154 persons of asiatic origin were obtained. Among the group sampled, 21 individuals exhibited at least one(More)
The genus Erythrinus belongs to the family Erythrinidae, a neotropical fish group. This genus contains only two described species, Erythrinus erythrinus being the most widely distributed in South America. Six samples of this species from five distinct Brazilian localities and one from Argentina were studied cytogenetically. Four groups were identified on(More)
Almost all species of the Curimatidae family have a stable karyotype, with a diploid number of 54 metacentric (M) and submetacentric (SM) chromosomes, and one sole nucleolus organizer pair. This family has considerable specific diversity in Argentinean fluvial basins; however, no cytogenetic data are available. Eight species from the Paraná River(More)
We describe for the first time the karyotypes of two species of Cryptodiran turtles from Argentina, namely, Trachemys dorbigni (Emydidae) and Chelonoidis (Geochelone) donosobarrosi (Testudinidae). The karyotype of T. dorbigni (2n = 50) consists of 13 pairs of macrochromosomes and 12 pairs of microchromosomes, whereas the karyotype of C. donosobarrosi (2n =(More)
The Potamotrygonidae family represents the only freshwater group of specialized elasmobranchs and is composed of 4 genera: Plesiotrygon, Paratrygon, Potamotrygon, and Heliotrygon. Individuals of Potamotrygon motoro were collected from the Paraná River at Ituzaingó (Province of Corrientes) in Argentina. Mitotic preparations were obtained using direct(More)
This work aims to establish baseline frequencies of micronuclei (MN) and nuclear abnormalities (NA) in native fish species collected in situ from the Paraná River. For this purpose, the micronucleus test was applied in peripheral blood erythrocytes from specimens obtained from samplings collected at two localities (Posadas and Candelaria, Misiones,(More)
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