María Belén Poliserpi

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The herbicide glyphosate and the insecticide cypermethrin are key pesticides of modern management in soy and corn cultures. Although these pesticides are likely to co-occur in ephemeral ponds or aquatic systems supporting amphibian wildlife, the toxicological interactions prevailing in mixtures of these two pesticides have been little studied. The current(More)
The aim of this study was to characterize the level and nature of the pesticide contamination received by one-sided livebearer fish (Jenynsia multidentata) from a watercourse situated within the main agricultural region of Argentina, and to assess the effects of this contamination on fish health. Juvenile one-sided livebearer fish (Jenynsia multidentata)(More)
Although pesticide contamination of surface waters normally occurs in the form of mixtures, the toxicity and interactions displayed by such mixtures have been little characterized until now. The present study examined the interactions prevailing in equitoxic and non-equitoxic binary mixtures of formulations of glyphosate (Glifoglex(®)) and cypermethrin(More)
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