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OBJECTIVE To describe the variability of the day care hospital units (DCHUs) of Rheumatology in Spain, in terms of structural resources and operating processes. MATERIAL AND METHODS Multicenter descriptive study with data from a self-completed questionnaire of DCHUs self-assessment based on DCHUs quality standards of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology.(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify factors associated with hospital readmissions in the elderly. DESIGN Observational descriptive study. SETTING Health area 3 of Madrid. PARTICIPANTS Patients 74 years-old and over with a hospital admission to Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias in 2006. Those with a hospital admission in the previous 6 months were(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify barriers and facilitators in the implementation of quality standards in hospital day care units (HDCU) in rheumatology. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyzed appraisals of HDCU in terms of standards for structure, processes and results. The qualitative approach was conducted through 13 discussion groups created by rheumatology health(More)
Frequency and dangerousness of falls in elderly people are a public health problem because of its prevalence and its consequences. Because of its high frequency a program designed to avoid the risk of fall and to restore the balance is of importance. Nowadays in Belgium, only the ones belonging to the F-pathology list are reimbursed for the walking(More)
tromboembolia pulmonar. La ecografı́a, la TC, la resonancia magnética o la arteriografı́a son técnicas de imagen útiles que confirman la existencia de un hematoma hepático o de una hemorragia activa, y que podrán utilizarse en el seguimiento de la paciente o en su tratamiento (como en el caso de la embolización mediante arteriografı́a). La actitud(More)
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