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BACKGROUND Grapes grown in warm weather do not develop a desirable red color and require the use of products to enhance berry color. Pectin-derived oligosaccharides (PDOs) have been shown to have a(More)
To measure bioactive compound losses due to minimal processing, mature green fresh-cut mangoes (Mangifera indica L.) cv. "Ataulfo" were subjected to an antioxidant treatment and stored at 5 degrees C(More)
Human nephrotic syndrome has been related to mutations in glomerular proteins. Mutations in the NPHS2 gene that encodes podocin have been described as responsible for steroid-resistant nephrotic(More)
To deal with pathogens, plants have evolved sophisticated mechanisms including constitutive and induced defense mechanisms. Phytohormones play important roles in plant growth and development, as well(More)
BACKGROUND Gaseous fumigants are commonly employed to control fungal decay of cold-stored grapes. So far it is not clear if these fumigants, besides the direct interaction against fungal structures,(More)