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Low reproductive performance of high-yield primiparous animals is closely associated with the metabolic stress caused by a simultaneous gestation and lactation. The aim of this work was (1) to(More)
High-yield lactating does need effective estrus synchronization methods to improve their reproductive outcome by enhancing ovarian function. The aim of the current work was to analyze ovarian(More)
Extreme body mass indexes may impair reproductive outcome in assisted reproductive technologies. Leptin reflects the amount of body fat and could act as a modulator of oocyte quality through(More)
In vivo-matured cumulus-oocyte complexes are valuable models in which to assess potential biomarkers of rabbit oocyte quality that contribute to enhanced IVM systems. In the present study we compared(More)
This work attempts to confirm the effect of an enriched diet with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) trying to mitigate the reproductive performances issues such as low conception rate of(More)