María Aparecida Santos

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Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is a key process, but despite the economic and environmental importance, few studies about quantitative trait loci (QTL) controlling BNF traits are available, even in the economically important crop soybean Glycine max (L.) Merr. In this study, a population of 157 F2:7 RILs derived from crossing soybean cultivars Bossier(More)
The present work describes the antinociceptive effects of some fractions and two pure compounds obtained from the Wedelia paludosa, a Brazilian medicinal plant employed in folk medicine against a variety of diseases, including dolorous pathologies. It was found that such fractions as well as kaurenoic acid and luteolin exhibit marked antinociceptive action(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse the effect of a 24-week physical training programme in water and on land on women with fibromyalgia. METHODS A controlled study was conducted from December 2009 to May 2010. Seventy-two women with fibromyalgia (age: 51.79±7.87 years) were assigned to an exercise group (3 sessions/week, 2 sessions in water, 1 session on land) (n=42)(More)
Pradosia huberi is a medicinal plant very common in the Amazonian forest population. The research interest in this plant is justifiable because of its potential medicinal value in gastritis and gastric ulcer mentioned in local folk medicine. In this paper, we evaluated the acute toxicity and antiulcerogenic effect of a hydroalcoholic extract (HAE) obtained(More)
Adjuvant therapy is a common therapeutic strategy used for schizophrenia management. Oxytocin has shown promising results as antipsychotic adjuvant in patients with schizophrenia. Although short-term clinical studies have indicated tolerability and no major side-effect manifestation, long-term studies remain needed. In this study, we investigated whether(More)
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