María Antonieta Mora-Tiscareño

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At de National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico City, the ultrasonographic findings of hepatoblastomas were analyzed in order to establish the echographic pattern of this malignant liver tumor. The ultrasonic images of patient's livers dating back six years were retrospectively reviewed. The hyperrecognisance of the hepatoblastoma as a solid, poorly(More)
This is the case of a 15 year old adolescent girl who refers recurrent chronic abdominal pain for a period of three months. She was diagnosed as having a chronic pancreatic pseudocyst, seen as a complication of an episode of hemorrhage acute pancreatitis secondary to the administration of L-asparaginase for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The(More)
This report includes two cases of omental cysts, with detailed clinical and radiological findings. The main clinical finding in these patients was a massive cystic growth, producing an increase in abdominal volume undistinguishable from ascites. In both cases the preoperative diagnosis was done using abdominal ultrasonography. Although omental cysts are(More)
A case of a three year old child with an angiodysplasia (arterial venous malformation) localized in the sigmoidal rectum is reported. The malformation caused chronic recurrent rectal hemorrhaging. Colonoscopy was the procedure used to diagnose the problem which was later corroborated by arteriography. The affected area was removed.
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