María Antonia Zapata

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The widespread use of XML brings new challenges for its integration into general software development processes. In particular, it is necessary to keep the consistency between different software artifacts and XML documents when evolution tasks are carried out. In this paper we present an approach to evolve XML schemas and documents conceptually modeled by(More)
This paper presents an architecture for managing database evolution when all the components of the database (conceptual schema, logical schema and extension) are available. The strategy of evolution in which our architecture is based is that of 'forward database maintenance', that is, changes are applied to the conceptual schema and propagated automatically(More)
There exist several recent approaches that leverages the use of model transformations during software development. The existence of different kinds of models, at different levels of abstraction, involves the necessity of transferring knowledge from one model to another. This framework can also be applied in the context of metadata management for database(More)