María Antonia Ruíz Díaz

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Serum tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (sTr-AcP) and bone mineral content (BMC) were measured in 29 women with postmenopausal osteoporosis and in 12 control women. Serum Tr-AcP was higher in osteoporotic patients than in controls and a negative linear correlation was found between sTr-AcP and BMC in osteoporotic women. These results suggest that sTr-AcP(More)
Osteoporosis in men is a significant health problem, and factors associated with bone mass are being investigated. Although osteoporosis is a typical feature of hypogonadism, the influence of testosterone levels and other hormonal factors on bone mass of eugonadal males is unknown. Our aim was to identify several anthropometric and hormonal predictors that(More)
In the infant cry analysis, the identification of qualitative features is of great importance, because this provides relevant information to differentiate between normal and pathological cries, which makes important their identification. Qualitative infant cry analysis has been done until now by medical personal through visual inspection of spectrograms and(More)
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