María Antonia Cruz

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In Tetrahymena, at least 17 distinct microtubule structures are assembled from a single primary sequence type of alpha- and beta-tubulin heterodimer, precluding distinctions among microtubular systems based on tubulin primary sequence isotypes. Tetrahymena tubulins also are modified by several types of posttranslational reactions including acetylation of(More)
B-cell high-grade lymphomas are heterogeneous in terms of histology, clinical presentation, treatment response and prognosis. As bcl-2 and p53 gene deregulations are frequently involved in several types of lymphoid malignancies, we aimed our investigation at the study of the relation between bcl-2 and p53 expression and survival probability in a group of(More)
Cell cycle progression is regulated by the combined action of cyclins, cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs), and CDK-inhibitors (CDKi), which are negative cell cycle regulators. p27KIP1 is a CDKi key in cell cycle regulation, whose degradation is required for G1/S transition. In spite of the absence of p27KIP1 expression in proliferating lymphocytes, some(More)
Background: epidemiological and experimental studies suggest that cardiovascular disease in adulthood is influenced by prenatal or early postnatal events, regardless of lifestyle-related risk factors. Objective: to characterize the heart morphometry in Wistar rats with intrauterine growth restriction and to determine the differences between adolescents and(More)
Azospirillum brasilense 8-I was chromosomally labeled with green fluorescent protein (gfp) genes, using either the native promoterless gfp gene or the mutant gfpmut2 gene under the transcriptional control of the neomycin phosphate transferase (npt2) promoter inserted into Tn5 suicide plasmid vectors. One A. brasilense exconjugant, showing a steady and(More)
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