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Overproduction of strawberry leads to food waste, as it is very perishable. Therefore, strategies to transform it into new products are appreciated. This research focuses on characterization of the(More)
Hydroxytyrosol (HT) is a phenolic compound of recognized bioactivity that has been described in wines but little is known about its origin. This work demonstrates that yeast involved in wine making,(More)
Protocatechuic acid (PCA) is the major metabolite of the anthocyanin known as cyanidin 3-glucoside. It is found in plasma and tissues, such as the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys, following(More)
In this study, the nonanthocyanin (poly)phenolic profile of an alcoholic-fermented strawberry beverage was characterized. High-performance liquid chromatography coupled with a triple-quadropole mass(More)
Anthocyanins are the major polyphenolic compounds in strawberry fruit responsible for its color. Due to their sensitivity, they are affected by food processing techniques such as fermentation that(More)
Wood shavings are widely employed in vinegar making to reduce aging time. Accordingly, this study aims to evaluate the effects of using shavings from different wood species (acacia, cherry, chestnut,(More)
Strawberries are harvested in a short period of time frequently involving fruit surplus. This paper studies the impact of the strawberry purée elaboration process on the chemical composition of the(More)
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