María Andreina Méndez

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OBJECTIVE Considering the increasing use of complexity estimates in neuropsychiatric populations, a normative study is critical to define the 'normal' behaviour of brain oscillatory complexity across the life span. METHOD This study examines changes in resting-state magnetoencephalogram (MEG) complexity - quantified with the Lempel-Ziv complexity (LZC)(More)
  • M A Mendez
  • 1985
A clinical evaluation of a myoelectric hand prosthesis was carried out within a multicentre trial in three centres in the United Kingdom. The aim was to assess its effectiveness as an acceptable device for young children and to evaluate its technical efficiency. The trial ran for 2 3/4 years and included 87 children. The methodology used and the results(More)
Three isolates of a Gram-negative, catalase- and oxidase-positive, rod-shaped bacterium, isolated from the lung and liver of two beaked whales, were characterized by phenotypic and molecular genetic methods. Based on cellular morphology and biochemical criteria, the isolates were tentatively assigned to the family Flavobacteriaceae, although they did not(More)
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) allows the real-time recording of neural activity and oscillatory activity in distributed neural networks. We applied a non-linear complexity analysis to resting-state neural activity as measured using whole-head MEG. Recordings were obtained from 20 unmedicated patients with major depressive disorder and 19 matched healthy(More)
Cognitive impairment is common in patients with schizophrenia, and even those with relatively preserved function perform worse than healthy volunteers (HVs) on attentional tasks. This is consistent with the hypothesis that connectivity - in the frontoparietal network (FPN) activated during attention - is disrupted in schizophrenia. We examined attentional(More)
OBJECTIVE The neurodevelopmental-neurodegenerative debate is a basic issue in the field of the neuropathological basis of schizophrenia (SCH). Neurophysiological techniques have been scarcely involved in such debate, but nonlinear analysis methods may contribute to it. METHODS Fifteen patients (age range 23-42 years) matching DSM IV-TR criteria for SCH,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the number of attendances and the direct cost of pharmaceutical prescription arising from a year-long monitoring of hypertense patients. SETTING Health Centre. DESIGN A prospective observation study. PATIENTS 220 hypertense patients, undergoing arterial pressure (AP) monitoring, were chosen by means of systematic random sampling.(More)
Streptococcus mitis is a bacterium traditionally regarded as a normal commensal of the oropharynx, skin, and intestinal and genital tracts. To our knowledge, we describe the first case of bilateral lung abscesses caused by S. mitis in an immunocompetent host. The abscesses were successfully treated with clindamycin and gentamicin. Our case illustrates that(More)