María Analía Rodríguez

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An optimization model is proposed to redesign the supply chain of spare part delivery under demand uncertainty in a specified planning horizon. Long term decisions involve new installations, expansions and elimination of warehouses handling multiple products. It is considered which warehouses should be used as repair workshops to store, repair and deliver(More)
Uncertainty modeling is a challenging topic in supply chain and operation management. When planning material purchase and stock levels, demand uncertainty could have an important impact on the plan results and its feasibility. Additionally, uncertainty could greatly affect customer satisfaction, inventory costs and company profits. From a modeling(More)
1 Diet, exercise, and drugs are mainstays of hyper-tension management. 2 The efficacy of hypertension treatment in preventing cardiovascular events is established. 2 Although the system and provider interventions have improved blood pressure (BP) control rates from the previous low rate (27% 3) to more respectable rates (51% 1 to 79% 4,5), the substantial(More)
In Part I (Rodriguez, et al., 2013 an optimization model was proposed to redesign the supply chain of spare parts industry under demand uncertainty in a specified planning horizon. To address large industrial problems, a Lagrangean scheme is proposed to decompose the MINLP of Part I according to the warehouses by dualizing the logic constraints that assign(More)
In this paper the cutting stock problem for the corrugated board boxes industry is presented. The problem is solved by means of a two step strategy. First, patterns pre-generation model is formulated which are then used as input in a mathematical MILP model that optimizes the cutting process minimizing the paper trim-loss costs. Several parameters have been(More)
nitrito de amilo " popper " 10,0%, " drogas de diseño " como anfetaminas y metanfetaminas 9,0% y sedantes e hipnóticos 10,0%. El primer consumo, se inició de manera temprana con las llamadas drogas sociales: alcohol 14 años, y tabaco 15 años. Discusión: a diferencia de los resultados obtenidos en el ámbito mundial, este estudio exploratorio mostró que el(More)
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