María Amparo Asensi-Fabado

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Plants are often exposed to a combination of stresses, which can occur simultaneously or at different times throughout their life. In this study, the effects of salinity, drought and cadmium pre-treatments were evaluated on the subsequent response of Cakile maritima, a halophytic species, to various levels of salinity (from 100 to 800 mM NaCl) after a(More)
Tocopherol cyclase, encoded by the gene SUCROSE EXPORT DEFECTIVE1, catalyses the second step in the synthesis of the antioxidant tocopherol. Depletion of SXD1 activity in maize and potato leaves leads to tocopherol deficiency and a 'sugar export block' phenotype that comprises massive starch accumulation and obstruction of plasmodesmata in paraveinal tissue(More)
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