María Alejandra Stornelli

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The aim of this study was evaluate the survival ability of canine and feline spermatozoa maintained within epididymides stored at 4 degrees C for 24, 48 or 72 h in sterile isotonic saline solution (SAL) or a Tris-egg yolk (TEY) storage medium. Fifteen domestic dogs and 15 cats were neutered and their testes were placed in TEY or SAL and stored at 4 degrees(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of a subcutaneous melatonin implant to suppress estrus in queens (felis catus). The hypothesis was that this implant would temporarily and reversibly suppress estrus in queens without producing any clinically detectable side effects. Fourteen adult queens were maintained in cages under artificial(More)
The aim was to design a protocol combining eCG followed by hCG for estrus induction in the bitch. In Experiment 1, three ovariohysterectomized bitches received 10 000 IU of eCG iv, and 15 days later 10 000 IU of eCG im. Blood samples were taken up to 144 h after each injection to measure eCG concentrations. In Experiment 2, 25 healthy, intact late anestrous(More)
After natural and collective catastrophes, many behavioral phenomena can occur through psychobiological responses that involve also the diabetic condition.The aim of this study was to investigate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and coping strategies in type 2 diabetic patients after L’Aquila earthquake, with a particular attention to the newly(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of subcutaneous melatonin implants to temporarily and reversibly suppress spermatogenesis in male cats. Tomcats (n = 8) were housed in a conditioned room with alternating long and short 2-month photoperiod cycles to maintain sperm production and quality. Animals were randomly assigned to one of the two(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the histological and ultrastructural changes in cat epididymides (n = 22) stored at 4 °C in two different media [saline solution (SAL) or tris-egg yolk (TEY)]. Our hypothesis was that epididymides stored in TEY would have delayed epithelial cell autolysis. Four epididymides were fixed and processed immediately, and the(More)
Treatment with cloprostenol, a prostaglandin synthetic analogue, was evaluated in five queens with open-cervix pyometra. Cloprostenol was administered (5 μg/kg body weight SC) on 3 consecutive days and amoxicillin (20 mg/kg body weight IM) on 7 consecutive days. Transient post-injection reactions caused by cloprostenol administration included diarrhea,(More)
The aim of this study was to asses the variation in the morphology of the seminal epithelium in relation to natural photoperiod in male cats. Tom cats (n = 240) were castrated every other week throughout the year. Each testis was fixed in Bouin's solution and cut into sections. The percentage of tubules with round spermatids (RS), elongated spermatids (ES),(More)
The oestrus cycle in the domestic bitch, a monoestrous species, differs considerably from that of other veterinary domestic animals species. In the bitch the combined use of eCG and hCG is effective to induce oestrus predictably and safely (Stornelli et al., Theriogenology, 78, 2012 and 1056). Although several studies were done to describe the hormonal(More)
The aim of this study was to assess epididymal sperm characteristics and serum testosterone concentration in cats under natural photoperiod. The hypothesis was that natural photoperiod induces seasonal changes in spermatozoal quality and serum testosterone concentration. Mixed breed tomcats (n = 43) that underwent bilateral orchiectomy at a municipal public(More)