María A Moran

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Here we have tested whether tau modification either by point mutation or by hyperphosphorylation can exert maximal pathogenic effects or if, on the contrary, both types of tau modifications can act synergistically to induce neuropathology. For this, we have combined transgenic mice overexpressing the enzyme GSK-3beta (Tet/GSK-3beta mice), with transgenic(More)
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) histochemistry was used to evaluate the accumulation of this enzyme in senile plaques, neurofibrillary tangles and neuropil threads using light and electron microscopy in Alzheimer's disease as well as non-demented aged brains. Under the electron microscope, a crystalline-like AChE precipitate was localized over paired helical(More)
HIV-1 replication results in mitochondrial damage that is enhanced during antiretroviral therapy (ART). The onset of HIV-1 replication is regulated by viral protein Tat, a 101-residue protein codified by two exons that elongates viral transcripts. Although the first exon of Tat (aa 1–72) forms itself an active protein, the presence of the second exon (aa(More)
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