María A. Martínez

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Motion detection and tracking is a relevant problem for mobile robots during navigation to avoid collisions in dynamic environments or in applications where service robots interact with humans. This paper presents a simple method to distinguish mobile obstacles from the environment that is based on applying fuzzy threshold selection to consecutive(More)
Olive oil is a major component of the Mediterranean diet, and its role in human health is being actively debated. This study aimed to clarify the mechanism of pancreatic adaptation to dietary fat. For this purpose, we examined whether dietary-induced modification of pancreatic membranes affects acinar cell function in response to the secretagogue(More)
SUMMARY This technical note deals with the way of organizing the work of a manipulator on a mobile robot. Every robotic mission is composed of several navigation and manipulation operations. In this research, the robot arm actions have been sequenced, once the mobile robot has stopped, with the help of the graphical specification tool Grafcet. The proposed(More)
SUMMARY This paper deals with the design and development of a new perception system for controlling a set of ultrasonic transducers working at two different frequencies generated by a digital signal processor (DSP). Data gathering speed is increased by the simultaneous firing of sonars without crosstalk problems. The software and hardware implementation are(More)
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