María Ángeles Alcaraz Ariza

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Habitat fragmentation and loss are important drivers of genetic differentiation, often leading to a decrease in genetic diversity. Yet, natural populations of tropical bees often show a lack of differentiation, even in fragmented landscapes, suggesting resilience to deal with unfavourable land use. It is not clear what leads to this lack of differentiation,(More)
In this study we analyse a corpus of 300 randomly selected research paper titles written in English and published between 1998 and 2012 in the most prestigious journals in the field of Astrophysics, an under-researched discipline from a linguistic standpoint. We specifically address issues related to the evolution of titles, their length, their lexical(More)
Titles are "serious stuff" 1 : a historical study of academic titles 2 ABSTRACT In this paper we carried out a diachronic analysis (1840-2009) of a corpus of 180 medical case report titles drawn from the British Medical Journal. We analyzed a series of quantitative variables (number of authors and their institutional affiliation, title length, and(More)
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