Maqsood Ali Ansari

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During myofibrillogenesis, many muscle structural proteins assemble to form the highly ordered contractile sarcomere. Mutations in these proteins can lead to dysfunctional muscle and various myopathies. We have analyzed the Drosophila melanogaster troponin T (TnT) up1 mutant that specifically affects the indirect flight muscles (IFM) to explore troponin(More)
Myofibrillar proteins assemble to form the highly ordered repetitive contractile structural unit known as a sarcomere. Studies of myogenesis in vertebrate cell culture and embryonic developmental systems have identified some of the processes involved during sarcomere formation. However, isoform changes during vertebrate muscle development and a lack of(More)
Background:The microRNA, miR-34c, is a well-established regulator of tumour suppression. It is downregulated in most forms of cancers and inhibits malignant growth by repressing genes involved in processes such as proliferation, anti-apoptosis, stemness, and migration. We have previously reported downregulation and tumour suppressive properties for miR-34c(More)
The horizontal gene transfer of plasmid-determined stress tolerance was achieved under lab conditions. Bacterial isolates, Enterobacter cloacae (DGE50) and Escherichia coli (DGE57) were used throughout the study. Samples were collected from contaminated marine water and soil to isolate bacterial strains having tolerance against heavy metals and(More)
Loop 1, a flexible surface loop in the myosin motor domain, comprises in part the transducer region that lies near the nucleotide-binding site and is proposed from structural studies to be responsible for the kinetic tuning of product release following ATP hydrolysis (1). Biochemical studies have shown that loop 1 affects the affinity of actin-myosin-II for(More)
Several past and recent investigations have focused on the determination of tumor markers in pleural fluids to assess their usefulness as less invasive replacement method of diagnosis. In this regard, few studies have dealt with the determination of the tumor marker, neuron specific enolase (NSE), in pleural fluids of patients suffering from both benign and(More)
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