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Protein-protein interaction plays an important role in understanding biological processes. In order to resolve the parsing error resulted from modal verb phrases and the noise interference brought by appositive dependency, an improved tree kernel-based PPI extraction method is proposed in this paper. Both modal verbs and appositive dependency features are(More)
At present, the retrieval approaches could not match the concept with identical meaning but dissimilar expression. To aim at solving the problem, this paper puts forward a retrieval model based on concept extending. The system model is composed of three levels, which are the query level, the concept extending level, and the retrieval level. In the model, an(More)
Semantic Knowledge is usually adding into topic model to improve topic coherence. However, it's hard to judge whether semantic information is related to topic without using complicated lexical characteristics. In this paper, we demonstrate a novel model called Cloud Transformation Model, which can easily judge whether semantic information is related to(More)
This paper presents a text retrieval method based on vector space feature conversion. Even though knowledge-based semantic fingerprint information and semantic information obtained by the Tag-LDA topic model are two different representations of semantic features of the same text, they are incompatible with semantic information. Here we introduce the vector(More)