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Appropriate initialization and stable evolution are desirable criteria to satisfy in level set methods. In this study, a novel region-based level set method utilizing both global and local image information complementarily is proposed. The global image information is extracted from mean shift clustering without any prior knowledge. Appropriate initial(More)
The eyes are the most important facial landmarks on human face. It is significant to extract the feature of eyes efficiently. In order to improve the real-time and veracity performance of the eye location method, this paper presents a coarse-to-fine eye location method based on ring Gabor filter (RGF). First an elliptical Gabor filter is devised to(More)
Correctly counting the live cells plays a great role in the ectogenetic anti-virus experiment. According to the irregular shape and arbitrary size of the wall pasted Hela cells overlapping each other, we propose a scheme to segment and count the cells using Gabor filter with different parameters and morphological operation. Experiments reveal that filters(More)
Background subtraction is a general and simple method in real-time detection of moving object. However, it requires the accurate current background image, and so far, no reasonable approach has been designed and implemented for automatic background updating along with the illumination variance, which limits its applications.To overcome the above problem, a(More)
Gabor filter has been widely used in image processing because of multi-scale, multi-orientation and multi-frequency. To deal with so many parameters, however, especially the frequency parameter, are of great complexity. From the study of one dimensional Gabor filter and its comparison with one dimensional Gauss filter, we proposed a new scheme to simplify(More)
This paper investigates the deployment of collaborative estimation and actuation scheme of wireless sensor and actuator networks for the agriculture industry. In our proposed scheme, sensor nodes conduct a local estimation based on the Kalman filter for enhancing the estimation stability and further transmit data to the actuator nodes under a multi-rate(More)
Medical ultrasound image segmentation is a critical step for image analysis and measurement. In this paper, an improved scheme is proposed to overcome limitations of the traditional mean shift algorithm in medical ultrasound image segmentation application. Two aspects are taken into account to improve the traditional algorithm: adaptive gray scale bandwidth(More)
The description of the object shape is an important subject in the area of image processing and pattern recognition. In this paper, a new approach to contour recognition is proposed. This approach is based on the homocentric polar-radius moment to extract feature vectors of boundaries. Firstly, the definition of homocentric polar-radius moment is(More)
Camera calibration is a necessary step in using 3D computer vision to extract metric information from 2D images.  Based on the positioning theory of the linear-structured-light, this paper analyses and compares the three popular calibration methods: typical linear calibration, Tsai’s two-stage calibration and Zhang’s planar(More)
Ultrasonic is a good means to measure the thickness of bottom sediment in drilling hole. The echo signal of the sediment is weak and with high noise usually. This paper adopts Gabor filter to process the ultrasonic echos. The constrainted relationships between Gabor filter's parameters and frequency characteristics have been analyzed and presented. The(More)