Maoyin Lai

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In order to have some bioinformatics information about synonymous codon usage pattern of the duck enteritis virus (DEV) US10 gene (GenBank accession number: EU195084), we analyzed the DEV US10 gene and 19 other reference herpesviruses by using bioinformatics softwares, such as CAI, CHIPS and CUSP program of EMBOSS. The results revealed that codon usage bias(More)
In the past years, a number of conventional and advanced bioinformatics methods have been employed for predicting gene structure and function. Here, we used many bioinformatics softwares to analyse the duck plague virus US10 gene (GenBank accession number: EU195084). The results indicated that this gene encoded an estimated 322 putative protein, contained(More)
There is little information regarding the duck enteritis virus (DEV) US10 gene and its molecular characterization. Duck enteritis virus US10 was amplified and cloned into the recombinant vector pET32a(+). The recombinant US10 protein was expressed in Escherichia coli BL21 cells and used to immunize rabbits for the preparation of polyclonal antibodies. The(More)
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