Maoyi Tian

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The plantarflexors of the lower limb are often assumed to act as independent actuators, but the validity of this assumption is the subject of considerable debate. This study aims to determine the degree to which passive changes in gastrocnemius muscle length, induced by knee motion, affect the tension in the adjacent soleus muscle. A second aim is to(More)
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Several studies have measured the elastic properties of a single human muscle-tendon unit in vivo. However the viscoelastic behavior of single human muscles has not been characterized. In this study, we adapted QLV theory to model the viscoelastic behavior of human gastrocnemius muscle-tendon units in vivo. We also determined the influence of(More)
To get high precise low earth orbiter (LEO) satellite orbit from satellite-borne GPS data, the satellite-borne GPS carrier phase measurements must be used, but there are still remnant cycle-slips after GPS data pre-processing. Least Square is an optimal method to solve parameters if the residual obeys to normal distribution, but it is difficult to process(More)
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