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Genetic correlations between purebred and crossbred performance and purebred and crossbred heritabilities were estimated for egg production traits of laying chickens using a multivariate sire model accounting for additive relationships between sires. Two sire lines, denoted lines 1 and 2, were crossed to one dam line to produce crossbred progeny. Records(More)
An animal model analysis was used to estimate simultaneously additive (sigma 2a) and dominance (sigma 2d) variances for egg production traits within three White Leghorn lines. The data consisted of information for three generations on egg number (EN) produced at 18 to 25 (EN1), 26 to 65 (EN2), and 18 to 65 wk of age (EN3); egg weight (EW) measured at 30 to(More)
In this work, the crystalline lens in the Gullstrand-Le Grand human eye model is replaced by a double-liquid variable-focus lens, the structure data of which are based on theoretical analysis and experimental results. When the pseudoaphakic eye is built in Zemax, aspherical surfaces are introduced to the double-liquid variable-focus lens to reduce the axial(More)
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