Maosheng Xiang

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In this paper, a new hybrid general-purpose computation on GPU (GPGPU) and computer graphics synthetic aperture radar (SAR) simulation method for complex scenes is proposed. Previous SAR simulations for complex scenes only use GPU's graphics capabilities for scattering calculation in graphical electromagnetic computing (GRECO) algorithm. The new hybrid(More)
Repeat pass interferometry synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for surface deformation detection is a main profile of satellite SAR application. From the deformation interferograms, movements on earth surface at centimeter or even more minute levels can be monitored [1]. Therefore, many earth physical phenomena can be discovered and analyzed, such as earthquake,(More)
1. INTRODUCTION The antenna attitude variations exist in both the airborne SAR systems and the spaceborne ones. It may degrade the SAR imaging qualities, and will reduce the height accuracy of InSAR systems especially the repeat-pass ones. Therefore, it is necessary to set restriction of the antenna attitude variation in mission planning and to reduce its(More)