Maosheng Li

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Grid does not own the local resources and grid resource scheduler does not have control over the set of jobs submitted to it. This lack of ownership and control result in the embarrassment of traditional central-controlled grid resource scheduler. A decentralized computational market model (DCMM) is proposed in this paper, and the supply & demand of(More)
One of the key steps in economy based grid resource allocation is to make reasonable prices for the grid resources. For resources' prices decide the resource flow in the grid, further influence grid resources' trading efficiency. This article, instead of discussing the pricing algorithm, argues an autonomous pricing mechanism that leaves the prices to be(More)
The effectiveness of traveler information is whether the real time traffic information can effectively improve the status of the existing transportation network. Under the assumption of linear cost function, the impact by traveler information system in a simple network was investigated. Using two models namely stochastic and deterministic user equilibrium(More)
Many ways could be used to reduce traffic flow of rush hour, such as traffic control by traffic lights and obstacle structural road, city planning by rational layout different establishments and harmonious work schedule of different occupations. On the basis of cell-based variational inequality formulation of dynamic user optimal assignment method, the(More)
To distinguish the reliabilities of different resources is difficult in the grid environment. For the first time the signaling game theory is applied to the research on grid resource reliability, and a grid resource reliability model based on promise is proposed in this paper. The analyses and the emulation results indicate that the resource provider should(More)
Issues related to motorcycle safety in China have not received enough research attention. As such, the causal relationship between injury outcomes of motorcycle crashes and potential risk factors remains unknown. This study intended to investigate the injury risk of motorcyclists involved in road traffic crashes in China. To account for the ordinal nature(More)
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