Maor Rosenberg

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We describe a novel technique for isolation of sequences that are present in one genome (tracer), but absent in another (driver). Tracer DNA, cleaved with Sau 3A and capped with a single stranded PCR adapter, is allowed to hybridize with an excess of sheared biotinylated driver; biotinylated DNA and its hybrids with the tracer are removed by(More)
Mindset has been shown to have a large impact on people's academic, social, and work achievements. A growth mindset, i.e., the belief that success comes from effort and perseverance, is a better indicator of higher achievements as compared to a fixed mindset, i.e., the belief that things are set and cannot be changed. Interventions aimed at promoting a(More)
Cytosolic and mitochondrial pig heart aspartate aminotransferases (cAspAT and mAspAT) and chicken heart cAspAT have been oriented in a compressed slab of polyacrylamide gel and their linear dichroism LD spectra have been recorded. The coenzyme's tilt angles in the active sites of chicken cAspAT and pig mAspAT and their quasisubstrate complexes imitating(More)
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